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неділя, 22-09-2019

The University carries out its international activity in two directions – international education and international cooperation. The most significant achievements of KhNAHU in this sphere are the following:
• KhNAHU participated in realization of TEMPUS (www.tempus.org.ua) project (2003-2008) on the development of multimedia educational programs in engineering pedagogy for technical universities of Russia and Ukraine. The € 500 000 project was realized by the consortium of two European, two Russian universities and KhNAHU. As a result of this cooperation the project participants developed a modern multimedia textbook in Engineering Pedagogy; besides, in KhNAHU the up-to-date multimedia class with the advanced equipment to train highly skilled teachers was created.
• The University won the international grant of the USA foundation CRDF for the joint scientific research with the scientists of the University of Northern Texas (USA). The project deals with the development of the ecologically clean cryomobile.
• A. Tropina, Assistant Professor of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics won the grant of Fulbright Fund (www.fulbright.org.ua) (2009) for the research into improving the process of combustion with the purpose of reducing harmful emissions of the internal combustion engine.
• Every year the students of KhNAHU take a training course at the leading enterprises, universities, research institutes and laboratories of Europe in the frames of the international program IAESTE (www.iaeste.org.ua) (International Association of Students’ Exchange for Technical Experience) as well as Wirtgen plants (Germany) that produce road-construction machines.
• Since 2002 the University has been collaborating successfully with the Department of Automobile Roads, Ministry of Transport of Syria. The scientists of the Road-Building Faculty (V. Zhdanyuk, V.Filipov, M.Storozhenko, I.Kiyashko) carried out the expert estimation of central motorways of this transit country. They developed scientifically substantiated recommendations as to road maintenance and improvement and were highly praised by the Ministry and the management of the road industry of Syria. Prof. V.Kozhushko worked as an expert in bridge structures for a year, and his work was also highly appreciated by Syrian partners.
• The University has been collaborating effectively with V.Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University (www.bstu.ru). The Treaty between two universities provides regular contacts and exchange of managers, scientists, teachers, students. Participants from both sides take an active part in conferences, seminars, “round tables”, olympiads, sport events organized by partners.
• KhNAHU has also had long-term contacts with Moscow Automobile and Highway Institute (www.madi.ru) and Moscow Automobile Motor Institute with regular exchange of delegations of scientists, teachers and students.
• The bilateral agreement has been signed with Bauhaus Universität (Germany) (www.uni-weimar.de) about cooperation on joint scientific investigating into modern road building materials; in the sphere of education with inviting the leading German and Ukrainian scientists to organize “demonstration classes” and training  classes for students, post-graduate students, researchers.
• The University has agreements on cooperation in the field of science and education with Damascus University (Syria), technical universities in Varna (Bulgaria), Kralevo (Serbia), Zhylin (Slovakia), Belorus State University (Minsk), Russian State universities (Belgorod, Tomsk), the University of North Texas (USA) etc.
• The International Assiciation of KhNAHI-KhNAHU Alumni created some years ago covers nearly 70 countries of the world with its activity.
• The KhNAHU Race Car Laboratory has been cooperating with the Ukrainian representation of the Shell company (www.shell.ua). The model sample of the ecomobile has been developed and the student team to participate in the international ECO-marathon has been formed.
• Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University is an official partner and coordinator of NoAE Contest of Innovations 2010 in the CIS countries (www.noae.com). KhNAHU is the authorised representative of NoAE in this competition and has the right to use the NoAE protected logotype. Contact persons in KhNAHU are Vice Rector in International Affairs Prof. G.Tokhtar and CIM intergrated expert Matthias Zillich. The strategic objective of this cooperation is the expanding of NoAE Contest of Innovations in the CIS countries, looking for partners in the field of industry, science and mass media who are interested in the contest as a means of advertisement