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Sunday, 22-09-2019
Contact information of the Postgraduate and Doctorate Department of KhNAHU




Kharkiv, 25 Yaroslava Mudroho St.,

 room number 207,

 tel. (057) 707-37-05



KhNAHU postgraduate program is the step to the future!


  The advantages of studying with us:

• Highly qualified scientific supervisors

• Excellent material, technical and methodological basis

• Personal development due to new knowledge and opportunities

• Acquisition of universal professional and research skills

• Career growth

• Joining the scientific community.

• Demand at the labor market

• Scientific degree - a guarantee of financial stability 


Postgraduate and doctoral training programs

Training of scientific personnel at the university is carried out by means of  postgraduate and doctoral training programs.


     Pronina Liudmila Viacheslavovna

  manager of postgraduate training program 



       Gredasova Olga Yurievna  

   inspector of postgraduate and doctoral

    training  program


Training scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel by means of postgraduate training program is one of the main sources of constant replenishment and updating of an intellectual potential
оf the country. The postgraduate department at Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University was founded in 1932. During the work of the post-graduate and doctoral training programs many well-known scientists were trained. Over the past 25 years, more than 470 PhD and 85 doctoral theses have been defended at the university. Training of the higher professional staff at postgraduate course is one of the priority directions of the scientific and educational policy of the university.

The post-graduate course trains scientific-pedagogical and scientific specialists on-job and off-job, and doctoral course – only on-job. The forms of training at the postgraduate for taking the academic degree of PhD are full-time (day, evening) and correspondence.

Training at postgraduate and doctoral courses is carried out at the expense of:

- state budget funds of Ukraine (on state order);

- funds of legal entities and individuals (on the terms of the contract).

Training foreign citizens and people without the citizenship is carried out on the basis of:

- international contracts of Ukraine or international exchange programs.

At the postgraduate course of KhNAHU, according to the Law of Ukraine "About Higher Education", training applicants at the third (educational-scientific) and scientific levels of higher education for the purpose of taking a PhD and Doctor of Science degree is carried out within the framework of profound theoretical and research knowledge in the chosen specialty.


Postgraduate training program provides new skills necessary for job placement and career growth in any professional activity.


Rules for admission to the postgraduate for a PhD degree at Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University. 

Regulations on training the applicants for PhD degree and DSci degrees at higher education establishments (scientific institutions).

Requirements to execution of dissertations approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The corresponding order is posted on the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.