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Thursday, 20-02-2020

General information

Computer and Information Centre was created in 1977. Computing machines such as "ES" were the main technical basis during that period. Since 1985 machines such as "ES" have been replaced by personal computers.

At that time, Computer and Information Centre was involved into developing software and maintenance of the educational process, satellite television, creating and developing local network with the access to the Internet. It was also analyzing, testing and implementing the most promising technical means of training (TMT) on the basis of new types of projectors and computers. Today, 20 projectors are involved into the educational process that allows to meet the needs of departments while delivering lectures and defending diploma projects.

In 1995, an information LAN was created, Computer and Information Centre modernizes and expands it. To increase the bandwidth of the network the fiber-optic communication technology has been implemented in some buildings. The fiber-optic network has been laid on the campus and the Faculty of Mechatronics.

LAN and a server with a separate line with the access to the Internet has been created an the Faculty of Mechatronics.

To improve the KhNAHU LAN in the building of the Faculty of Foreign Citizens Training there is a server room that supports internal and external communication channels and provides 24/7 access to the university web-resources, e-mail and educational portal.

Today the University is connected to the Internet channel of Ukrainian Scientific and Educational Network URAN and MaxNet network with the total bandwidth of 41 Mbit/s.

1350 computers operate in the KhNAHU that are in the 50 computer rooms and all of them have access to the Internet.

Today, all types of work on students’ personal records, collecting statistical information, managing contingent movement etc. are automated. One of the main tasks of ACS-University is creation of automated means of managing the educational process. Implementation of Dekanat sub-system has made possible to perform a wide range of tasks related to supporting the educational process.

Educational television studio works in the Computer and Information Centre, its stuff shoots and creates films, the latter of which is KhNAHU-2009.