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Sunday, 22-09-2019

Computer and Information Centre

Head: V. P. Tabulovich

Contact information: room 306, tel. number 714-27-29

Information: The main goal of the department staff is to put into operation a common educational-methodological and scientific and technical policy in the field of new information technologies and efficient use of those technologies in the system of continuous training of specialists for automobile and highway industry of Ukraine. Computer and Information Centre

Laboratory of Innovative Technologies in Education

Head: V.M. Kukharenko

Contact information: room 310, tel. number 707-36-89

Information: One of the main areas of research is creation and maintenance of modern web resource of the university, where not only events, activities, and information on scientific and educational process and scientific papers will be put, but also industry research and education community will be formed.LITE

Department of Standardization and Metrology

Head: A.I. Korobko

Contact information: room 271, tel. number 707-37-91

Information: The fund of regulatory documents (RD) of the department has more than 5100 items and consists of state standards of Ukraine (SSU), state building specifications (DBS), international standards and standards of the former Soviet Union (State Standard). In addition, the fund has a large number of industry standards (Branch standard) in the automotive industry, standards of Ukraine harmonized with the standards of ISO, EN, IEC, the rules of UN / ECE and etc. The department also receives periodicals, such as a "Standardization, Certification, Quality" magazine. Department of Standardization and Metrology

Department of Standardization and Metrology

Department of facilitating students' employment

Head: L.M. Bezrodna

Contact information: room 231, tel. number (057) 707-37-89


Information: An important socio-economic issue of our time is to create conditions for effective implementation of students’ and graduates’ right for work, provide them with their first job and improve their competitiveness in the business environment. Department of facilitating students' employment was created in 1991 by the order of the Rector of the University.

Department of facilitating students' employment

Publishing house

Headed by: O.I. Voronkov

Contact information: room 122, tel. number 707-37-03

Information: More than 250 items of educational and methodological literature for students, up to 70 books of various subjects written by the lecturers and scientists of the university are published there. Three professional collections of works "Road transport", "Bulletin of KhNAHU" and "Economy of the transport complex" are registered in the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine. Publishing house